Beware of fake youtube-stars

Today i got a strange request from someone pretending to be the youtube-user “dooger“. They wanted some free steam keys from “The Inner World”. The mail i got seemed to be from some scammer, i still am waiting for a response from “dooger”s official twitter handle. Meanwhile i wrote a reply to that mail that i want to share with you:


Hi there,
first of all – thanks for your request. We’re happy that you like our game! As for your request, here’s my answer:
I reached out to your official twitter account (@studiofizbin), in order to verify that it’s really you – just give me a short reply per Twitter. Until that, I can’t send you keys.

Let me explain…
I guess you’re aware of lame-ass copycats that pretend to be famous youtube people in order to squeeze out some free steam keys from hard working game developers. This is a situation we can’t and won’t tolerate as a game development company. We’re a small studio fighting for survival in order to be able to do what we and our customers love: making games the way we want them to be. Giving away free steam keys to people that don’t help us market our game results in, yeah you guessed it right, nothing. Even more, it results in us not getting any money for our games and nothing in exchange. Imagine what would happen if we give away keys to everyone that sends us such fake requests. Oh, you’re right! We can’t make money with our games, we loose our jobs, we close our studio and no one will ever see another game from us. I think we both agree that thats a very nasty thing to happen, so we should both do the best to avoid that.

In conclusion:

  • If you really can help us with a video on your platform, just confirm it by replying to my tweet with your official twitter handle and i will be glad to give you one key for testing and 3 for community events.
  • If you’re not the person you’re pretending to be but still want to play our game and can’t afford it, try again with a honest mail. State your case, and don’t be shy. We already gave keys to someone that loved the game but just couldn’t afford it.
  • If you just wanted to have some keys for free,to resell them or whatever … well then you can go and … yourself.


Me is now bashing fake-youtube people like this:

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