Pepe finally talks about games.

Hi there,

so it took me a while but now i finally managed to spare some time in order to publish my own blog about my favorite topic – games.

Of course games is a very general topic so let me clarify it a bit:
The whole thing will be about videogames, how i make them, how i think about them, how i play them, how i love them, how i hate them, how i think they’re important, how i think the industry sucks, how i love the industry, how i think being indie sucks, how i prefer being indie, how i love/hate the term indie, etc …

So first of all i should start with a short introduction of myself and why i’ll write about this stuff.

Well, i am Alexander, but mainly called “Pepe” so let’s keep it that way, shall we? My interest in videogames, or games in general, began back in 1995 when i began watching my father play Adventures. He was mainly playing Monkey Island, Police Quest, Space Quest, Kings Quest and Day of the Tentacle. After i began realizing how awesome it was to follow stories this way, by playing it, i started exploring the whole universe of interactive storytelling. Two years later i started being interested in making my own games and wrote a little text adventure for my little brother in BASIC, called “Survive Afternoon School”.

“Survive Afternoon School”
And now, 16 years later, here i am:
28 years old, Co-Founder & Technical Director of “Studio Fizbin“, finished and released the multi-platform beloved Point’n’Click-Adventure “The Inner World“, finished my studies in “Applied Computer Sciences” with a B.Sc., still loving good old PnP-Games, working on our next Project, teaching Game Programming, giving Workshops, …
So i think that’s enough for a short introduction – back to first real news!
Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes got a Release Date (03.20.2014 in Japan and 03.18.2014 in US) and some very good looking Special Editions (at least for Japan) [click!]. Actually this is the first next-gen game i really care about and will maybe be the reason for me to get a ps4.
[Pic from KONAMI]

And there is another piece of news i wanted to share with you in my first blogpost: Our first game “The Inner World” just won the German Developer Award for “Best Family Game”! Woohoo! Being nominated in five categories is pretty awesome already (Best Story, Best Sound, Best Adventure, Best Family Game and Best German Game 2013 (!)) but actually winning an award is even more awesome!