One of our core principles in Game-Design and Prototyping is tinkering. We find unusual solutions for problems through a creative approach to that said problem. We try to use our different tools in a unused way in order to see what happens.

Mareike and me took that principle and pushed it a bit further when we prepared our talk about that said principle. The talk was called “Why Game Developers must be tinkerers at heart” and was held after Respawn at Indie Gameleon, DevGamm Europe and Talk & Play Berlin.

I built a custom controller out of baufix and grove seeed pieces for arduino. The buttons, sliders, potentiometers, LEDS and h20-sensor where hooked up to an arduino which sent OSC messages through the network to the machine running the presentation. With that controller i could control platforms on a slide, spawn objects at specific points, turn out a fire on a slide and scale the player object on the screen.