The Game of Peace was a multiplayer installation for a museum in Münster where players could reenact the peace negotiations that took place in Münster and Osnabrück around 1648 and ended the 30-year war that raged through europe.

For this project I found a way to connect 8 FullHD Displays to one single pc with consumer graphics card that would have enough power to render a 2D game to a 4320 x 3840 canvas. This was not such an easy task as there is only one gpu that supports that, which unfortunately had not the capabilities to render the 2D graphics in an acceptable frame rate. After trying out different solutions I used a device that could extend one DVI signal to two displays and keep the resolution. So in the end the machine running the game had 4 displays with a resolution of 3840×1080.

Each player of the game had it’s own iPad to interact with it. The iPads communicated with the server through a local wifi and were easily replaceable as the server replaced them by an AI if they would not respond to his messages.