This is our first project that came out of the synergy which our indie collective, Saftladen, creates. Thanks to Lorenzo i got to meet Gregg who made that awesome technology called “HappyFunTimes“. It’s a plugin which let’s you create a massive LOCAL multiplayer game that is as accessible as possible as players only need to use their own smartphones to play. As the developer you can choose one of the many example controller layouts or even create your own one.

So Gregg did a little HappyFunTimes-Jam at our place where i teamed up with the talented artist Johannes (he’s behind the amazing looks of Curious Expedition by the way) and created Happy Hockey. A massive local multiplayer hockey game which should be easy to play and create endless shouts of excitement among the players.

We showcased this project at several places through Berlin and thanks to the efforts of Nicholas Pagee even made it to Hockey’s home country – Canada!

Currently playable at: