The Saftladen is a little dream coming true for me. A place where you can work but also are surrounded by other awesome developers working on their games or interactive stuff. Because it creates an awesome sort of synergy where you can talk to other people that may be able to help you with your everyday coding problems. Also it’s a space where we can hang out, play videogames and meetup with others to discuss stuff or just have Street Fighter tournaments. The Saftladen is so many things that it would be impossible to list them all up.

It was founded by Maschinen-Mensch & Studio Fizbin and right now hosts desks for 10 awesome people. We’re game devs, comic artists, web devs, networkers, freelancers and our parties are fun too!

We’re also looking for a way bigger place to host at least 25 desks because there are so many more awesome people in berlin that we would love to have in our office, so if you know something: Let us know!

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