“We killed the Indie-Game Star” – Pt.1

Wow – 6 months … that’s a pretty long time. And it would have some weeks more if there wasn’t a topic that popped up yesterday which got my attention and proves (again) in what a sick world you have to dive in if you’re doing mobile games.

The title of that article is “This is why we can’t have nice things: …” and it talks about the release of the first “Level Pack” for the magnificient MONUMENT VALLEY. So it goes for 1,79€, not bad if you think that you get the same amount of levels you got in the first game. But – i assume that ustwo were aware of that – of course the average iTunes customer does not hesitate to complain. About paying 1,79€ for another bunch of levels for that beautiful game. Seriously, we are talking about 1,79€ or 1,99$. That makes me sad to the heart. video games can do so much beautiful things (as i said on my last talk on the GamesNight). But people seem to be not willing to pay for that. If you actually know what work stands behind video games i warn you: reading the following comments are truly hurtful:
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There are way more, but i just can’t keep on reading. I mean, yeah we got way more problems on this planet than stupid-fucks that don’t appreciate the value of others people work. But, as it’s a blog about games i’ll focus on that.
All this led to the following statement:

That’s it, we’re giving up the premium game. Next time we’re just going to sell you 500 coins for $2 instead.
— ustwogames (@ustwogames) 12. November 2014

Although i don’t think that that’s really going to happen i still find the simple statement harsh enough: We as consumer are preparing our own free 2 play hell. So my equation is the following one: I love to play more for quality and as i have limited resources buy less. It’s like the problem with cheap food. Instead of eating crap meat every second day i try to get good meat once every two weeks. So back to mobile games – are people really arguing about 1,79€? Their “god-damn average crap beer in a fuckin’ bar trying to get wasted and looking incredibly stupid while doing it” is two times that price! Hey “You let us down”-folks, how about that? Next time you get into your club after having your first drink try arguing with the bar keeper that you want your second one for free. Dumbasses.

I am totally aware that this post consists more of swearing than real content – but i just had to let off some steam. Too many developers (friends, people that i admire, myself) have to deal with such people. And it’s getting worse. But the “getting worse” part will be explained in my next post. Hopefully faster than in 6 months …

Until then – have something beautiful (for about 13€, yes that’s real money you have to pay for something good. That’s also 4 beers in a bar or just 2 packs of cigarettes, think by yourself what’s more worth …):