Welcome 2015 – Goodbye Tödesdreyeck!

First of all, a happy new year to everyone!

2014 has been an exciting but also a very exhausting year. We won the award for the best german video game in the beginning of the year (article), worked on a very big project for a super nice client (LWL), started work for the next client (Filmtank) and i could be part of a very awesome project by my buddies from major bueno (tour bueno). But this post is not about my work stuff but instead it’s about something personal. An experience i think many of you already had. It’s connected to that major bueno project and what came out of it. I named it the “Tödesdreyeck”. The correct german word for it would be “Todesdreieck” which translates to something like “Triangle of Death”.

What the actual fuck is he talking about?

Let me explain:
When you have a longer period where you spend most of your time working your life also changes. At least if you’re not careful enough, which i obviously wasn’t. You get into some kind of toxic routine. Your daily movement patterns start to transform. As you have less time to move from point a to b, then c, then d, and so on (home, workplace, lunchbreak, evening activites) you start to optimize the paths. And by that i don’t mean the paths themselves, you start to cut your points you translate from to a bare minimum. And this minimum consists of 3 points: Your sleeping place (i wouldn’t call it home during that time), your working place and one local meetup point where you sometimes hangout at late nights (which results in being a bar).

A:Sleep, B:Work, C:Drink

So basically when times get even more rough you just travel between A and B and if you do this for a long time you’re super happy if you manage to move again to C from time to time. And that’s one of the main problems. You get satisfied superficially with A,B,C. Suddenly you accept this Tödesdreyeck as a standard. And it shouldn’t be one. You definitely need time to understand this but you also need someone who looks from a external perspective. Someone who asks :”Is this everything in your life?”. For me it was myself that crumbled after a year of that cycle. In the last quarter of 2014 i realized: “what the actual fuck am i doing? Somethings wrong and i have to change that.”

But … what’s wrong?

So i took the last 4 weeks of 2014 off. I did this testrun for the tour bueno and made a game about this issue with Marius and Bene and we called it “Tödesdreyeck”. The “making of” of that game will hopefully be released someday as some kind of “Episode 0” of their tour, i’ll keep you posted about that.

Tödesdreyeck – the “Game”

This is not a game about highscore, it’s a game about your story. A game about your personal tödesdreyeck from which you can only escape by shifting your own Tödesdreyeck (click and drag on the corners of the Tödesdreyecks) in a way in which the corners of the Tödesdreyecks collide. Now both characters have one point in their Tödesdreyeck they share. If you connect one another point, you united their Tödesdreyecks and they eventually will meet on their paths. And when they meet they’ll share their paths and expand their own Tödesdreyeck. Example: Guy #1 usually walks ABC and Guy #2 BDC. By combining this 2 Tödesdreyecks Guy #1 now walks ABDC and Guy #2 walks BDCA.
Get that?

Well, and what happens when you do this with a lot of Tödesdreyecks? You expand each of the characters own personal Tödesdreyecks to a big polygon on which they can hang out and meet a lot of cool dudes and dudettes. 5_DreyeckThu Jan 15 19-48-55 2015 UTC

This little “game” was developed in less than 48 hours (way less, we did a very healthy game jam!) in Starling using the physics engine nape. Marius and Bene did the awesome Artwork, Bene did the awesome SFX and looping track and i did the coding. Give it a try and tweet some screenshots with #TödesDreyeck as a hashtag!
space – take a screenshot (It opens a save file dialog box)
r – reset the game
Beware, this is buggy as hell …