“Work-Life Balance” or “A little rant about random stuff in a box.”

Although some of you won’t like to hear that, i’ll say it anyways: No, i am not dead. I just was pretty busy. Being the Game & Technical Director in one person on our current game is pretty demanding and i am struggling to not work more than i can.

thx, thecodinglove.com

But this is not always easy, especially if you try to run a indie studio. You have to keep your project going, do some pitches for new client jobs in order to get some money to work even more on your own projects. Get that irony? Besides of that i try to still get some free time (and i had some wonderful days, trust me!) in order to refresh creativity and motivation. After the last years i learnt a lot. One of the most important things was – if you work too hard, and even harder than that, your efficiency gets pretty crappy.  But hey, i promised you a rant. So let me get to the point.

Thanks to very specific facebook ads i always get the appropriate ads: “Get a ton of muscles in just 1 day.” “Get laid!” “Get money!” “Get pretty!” “With no effort!”. Here is a selection of stuff i gathered the last years …

2_Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-24 um 22.12.51
’nuff said.
3_Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-24 um 22.13.12
Rose loved Jack’s “JizzButton”.

Seriously – who on earth believes this crap? But ranting about stupid facebook ads, is lame, i know. So i got another topic. Here in germany there are lots of startups trying to sell me stuff they select for me in a box. It’s perfect for busy & hip people that run their own business and have no time for such bullshit like selecting their own clothes or get their own food. My facebook wall is cluttered with this bullshit. Ads and even some people i have on the friend list don’t stop bragging about how they try this crap (Short reminder to myself: I’ll have to clean up my friend list). So – what the f*ck is wrong with going outside and get shopping your own food? Mr. Hip-Business-Punk is to busy for that? Or maybe he is too busy eating also? So why waste your time with chewing if you could just get intravenous food? Why should you care about getting out of your office and selecting the stuff you’ll stuff into your mouth? Because i still have a life god damn it. I want to get outside and pick my food by myself. And i don’t want to hear about that so would you please shut the fuck up.

4_Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-24 um 22.32.15
Thanks, but no thanks.

It’s like facebook knows “Hey this guy works too much and always gets into the supermarket on the last fucking minute. Let’s propose him some “i am a total retard”-boxes. Oh and he also still not dresses like a total jerk, so let’s help him with that too!”

5_Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-24 um 22.37.03
Yeah, i want to look like these poor morons. Right.

What on earth were they thinking? I mean, thanks to all the online delivery stuff of course you could survive by not leaving your home, or even better than that, by not leaving your office, but now we even don’t have to select our stuff? Try to have our own style? Seriously – if i hadn’t had such beautiful days recently i would have totally gone berserk by the seemingly endless stupidity of some people.

Thanks for listening, i’ll start cleaning my friend list. Bye you “Superbusy-but-hip-human-being-that-doesn’t-have-time-to-select-his-own-food-or-own-clothes”. Have a nice day I hope your lunch sucks and you look stupid in your chosen outfit.